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BTA Supports Rally in Talsi

For the second year in a row, the rally that annually takes place in Talsi is titled the BTA Rally Talsi in honour of the general sponsor, BTA.

This year, BTA Rally Talsi 2010 will continue for two days – May 15 and 16. It is the 3rd stage of the Latvian Rally Championship and the 1st stage of the Baltic Rally Championship, and it can deservedly be called the Rally of Champions, as four N4 group champions from different countries will battle it out in Talsi. For latest news about BTA Rally Talsi 2010, please see the official rally website

As in 2009, this year BTA Rally Talsi has also been planned so that spectators can see as many course sections as possible. Without needing to hurry particularly, spectators will be able to see competition in seven out of nine sections.
Rally course maps will be released on May 7 at the official rally website,, as well as printed in the new motorsports magazine, Motors&Sports, and – from May 12 – at

The concept of the rally changed last year to make it a family event, and rally organisers have put in a lot of thought to offer spectators many recreational opportunities besides the rally – there will be many sports activities organised both days, for children as well as for adults.

For the full programme of the event, please see here.

Within the framework of BTA Rally Talsi, BTA will offer a number of pleasant surprises.

May 15, those why buy insurance policies at BTA outlet near Talsi Town Council, at 7 Kareivju iela, Talsi, will receive campaign discounts. For more information, please see here. Upon producing the campaign coupons available from the BTA outlet, the bearers thereof will be entitled to these same discounts up until 14.06.2010.

Furthermore, anyone who fills out a form available from the BTA outlet will participate in a lottery draw on May 15 at 2 p.m., and have a chance to win a BTA gift card worth LVL 10 and a discount coupon, which, at the partner companies of BTA, will entitle its bearer to:
  • Free annual car check before vehicle inspection
  • 25% discount on tyre change and purchase
  • 25% discount on car alarm and wiring jobs
  • 20% discount on lock and key service
Altogether, 10 gift card and coupon sets will awarded to the winners of the lottery draw.
The lottery draw will take place on May 15 at 2 p.m. at the BTA outlet near Talsi Town Council, 7 Kareivju iela, Talsi.

See you at the rally!

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